We all want to feel better, love more, live longer. Let’s do it together, with dogs by our side.

Healed by a Dog’s Love

It might seem strange, but the idea for Happy Dog Mom grew out of intense grief.

My husband and I filed for divorce a week before our 20th wedding anniversary. I had learned from watching him not to numb myself with addictions and denial, so I went all in on letting the feelings come up and working my way through whatever I found. I knew I’d have to slog through the pain for a while, but the result would be a glorious emergence of a wiser, happier, healthier me.

You’ve seen me fall, now watch me rise.

Ah, plans. What really happened is that pain turned to grief, grief turned into depression, and the depression turned into a paralyzing fear. The more I explored my feelings, the faster and harder they came. What started as a mourning period for our marriage turned into the suffocating awareness of just how unhealthy the relationship had been. How unhealthy most of my relationships have been.

I became terrified of opening myself up to anyone else. When the people you love the most hurt you the worst, who can you trust?

The answer was right there by my side. Even as I removed myself from as much of the world as I could, I still had three companions: Tyler, Lily and Georgia. My dogs. They made me feel safe through those first lonely nights. They were always happy to see me. They got me moving. They made me laugh.

They reminded me that I am loved. They reminded me that I am lovable.

With dogs by my side, I began to heal. As the fog lifted, I realized how much of it I owed to them. I wanted to return the favor. For everything they’ve given me, I owe it to them to be the best dog mom I can be.

jennifer waters with boxer dogs


The Science and Soul of Better Bonding, Health and Happiness

Through this journey, I became obsessed with two questions:

How can I feel happier and healthier?

And how can I do the same for my dogs?

For two years I dove into the latest neuroscience, psychology, and physiology of what it takes to live a happier, healthier life…for humans and for dogs. I earned certifications in the Science of Human Happiness (Berkley University) as well as Dog Cognition and Emotion (Duke University). I revamped my nutrition, habits, thought patterns, sleep, exercise and anxieties. I explored self-compassion and mindfulness, gratitude and spirituality. I confronted the fears that were holding me back. And I took little steps to understand my dogs and their needs better, to help me return the favor for all they had given me.

Happy Dog Mom is the result.

It is now my passion and purpose to explore the science and soul behind what makes us feel better, heal better, live better, love better….with dog. And to share it with all the incredible dog moms out there who want the same.

I know it’s a lonely place when your dog is your best friend and you’re not sure anyone else will understand. What I also know is that there are a lot of us out there feeling the exact same way.

Are You a Happy Dog Mom?

A happy dog mom is deeply connected to her dog. She knows the power of a dog’s unconditional love. She’s experienced that magical bond with “The One,” her heart dog. She believes that dogs are family, not property. And she wants to find ways to make her dog live longer, feel happier and be more fulfilled.

At the same time, she wants to feel more love, vibrancy and connection in her own life.

It can be confusing knowing where to start. We are drowning in information, but who has the time or expertise to sort it all out? Especially when some days all you really want to do is snuggle with your dog?

Happy Dog Mom is built on the belief that we are all doing the best we can with where we are and what we know at the moment. Whether you’re a first-time dog mom or a dog training expert, you want the best for your dog. And you’re already doing the best you know how.

With knowledge comes the ability to do a little better.

We can do this together, dog momma.

Join the Happy Dog Mom Movement

Join with me as I share simple steps–all backed by research and experience–that you can take today to create more joy and energy for you, and for your dog.

You’ll also become part of a dog mom community where we can safely share stories about what our dogs mean to us, what makes us happy, and the struggles we face chasing happiness and health. Where you can learn new ways of thinking about your own emotions, what makes your dog happy, and how the two of you can build a bond deeper than you’ve ever had before.

Let’s share our stories of messy, funny, healing, tearful dog life. Let’s connect with each other, find friends who can talk about dogs for hours and enjoy it. Why yes, we DO want to see all the dog photos on your phone, thanks for asking!

Let’s change the idea that preferring the company of dogs means there’s something wrong with YOU. I say, maybe there’s something wrong with those who don’t.

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Get the best baby steps to better health and happiness (for you and your dog) delivered to your inbox twice a month!


You're in! *happy dance* Please check your email to make sure your inbox is happy to hear from us, too!